Who Are We?

JiveTime is the UK's longest established independent Modern Jive organisation. We are not affiliated to either Ceroc nor LeRoc and cherish our independent status that enables us to operate freely in the jive scene in order to provide our members with premier jive events which are competitevily priced.
Our events normally sell out well in advance, which is a testament to the quality and value for money of the events we stage. Whilst we are independent, we strive to respect other organisations by avoiding unnecessary clashes wherever possible.

Jive Holiday Club is also part of JiveTime and specialises in the jive holiday market.

Franco Gareddu

Franco has been dancing jive for more than 30 years making him one of the longest active members of the UK Modern Jive community. Not only he is a passionate dancer and teacher but he is also exceptionally creative having transformed the UK Modern Jive scene by injecting new break through ideas into it. The pioneering creator of major events such as Jive Weekends with peak attendances of 1700 and 1200 dancers per event at Pontin's Camber Sands and Butlin's Bognor Regis respectively, Halloween Masked Jive Ball, New Year's Eve Jive Party and other events that had never been seen before in the jive scene.
Franco's lead has been infectious and inspirational with his ideas used by 100s of independent jive, LeRoc and Ceroc organisations across the UK and abroad for the enjoyment of tens of thousands of people throughout the year. Many of the things that nowadays are taken for granted in the jive scene, for example late dancing until the early hours of the morning, were firstly introduced by Franco in his sensational Jive Weekends at a time when other events normally ended around 11.00pm.
Weekend jive dancing, which is now normal every Friday, Saturday and Sunday night of the year were not the norm at the time when Franco introduced ground-breaking events such as a Jive Summer Ball bang in the middle of summer when no other jive events were running.

A self believer, leader, promoter, precursor and a maverick, Franco remains a source of new break through jive ideas and enjoyable dance experiences thanks to his strong vision based on embracing change, challenging the stereotype and desire to deliver outside the standard box.

Rebecca Olsen

Rebecca is JiveTime's operational arm. Quietly working behind the scene, Rebecca looks after the day to day running of JiveTime and Jive Holiday Club including bookings & business administration. Rebecca's input is invaluable in the planning & delivery of our events.
Just as importantly, Rebecca studies and interprets Franco's jive ideas putting forward her own unbiased and dispassionate views of how our members are likely to respond to new ideas.
Rebecca was instrumental in the customers' market research leading to the first ever UK Modern Jive Weekend at Butlin's Bognor Regis.

It is now thanks to Rebecca's research and hard work that we are now offering jive holidays abroad.

Rebecca brings with her years of experience in administration, conference and event organisation.